The Largest Resort on the Las Vegas Strip that NO ONE can Visit

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In today’s video, we are going to be talking about the largest resort on the Las Vegas Strip that you cannot visit, the FontaineBleau Resort. The Fontainebleau is an unfinished, 68 Story Casino Resort located on the Las Vegas Strip. This immaculate resort would have featured thousands of rooms, around 1,000 condominiums, a 3,300 seat performing arts theater, numerous nightclubs, 24 restaurants, a giant casino floor, and indoor/outdoor conference areas. This resort would have been a slice of Miami Beach on the Las Vegas Strip. The resort is located on the Struggling North Side of the Strip.

So if it would have opened it surely would have dominated this portion of the Strip. So what happened? What caused this resort that would have surely been unrivaled to fail? The FontaineBleau Las Vegas was intended to be the sister hotel to the immensely popular 1950’s era resort on Miami Beach in Florida, also named the FontaineBleau. As you can tell, they were quite creative when it came to coming up with the name for the Las Vegas Resort. Developers hoped that the popularity of the original resort would translate over to the Las Vegas Resort.

The Miami Beach Resort gets much of its popularity from having been in many famous films such as James Bond Goldfinger, Police Academy 5, and Scarface. The Floridian Resort is arguably the most luxurious resort in Miami Beach, so the Las Vegas Resort would have had a lot to live up to. This was a task that developers were willing to take. In 2005, Turnberry Associates (God I hope I said that right) bought the Florida Hotel for 165 million dollars. After purchasing the Hotel, Jeff Soffer, CEO and Majority owner of Turnberry Associates opened another company known as FontaineBleau Resorts LLC.

I assume he did this so he could operate the hotel under the company brand. Jeff Soffer had major plans for the FontaineBleau Resort Name which included an expansion of the brand to the Las Vegas Strip. You see, Turnberry Associates always wanted to get in on the gold mine that is the Las Vegas Strip.

In May of 2000, they purchased a former Las Vegas Casino, the El Rancho Hotel, for 45 million dollars. Jeff decided to purchase the failing casino due to the amount of land that would come with the property, a total of 21 acres. This deal was a steal for Turnberry since after their initial acquisition, land value dramatically increased. After their purchase, developers imploded the failing casino to make way for a London Themed Resort that ultimately never materialized due to the September Eleventh attacks which caused major issues for Travel and Tourism Industry.

Although this plan did not pan out the way they were hoping it would, Jeff Soffer had new and better plans for the property. In March of 2005, Turnberry Associates purchased 3.7 acres of land south of the El Rancho property for 97 million dollars. The company now had Twenty Five Acres of land on which they could build on. Later that year in May, plans were announced to expand the FontaineBleau Brand to the Las Vegas Strip. Turnberry Associates stated that they were going to build an immense Casino Resort that would include nearly four thousand hotel rooms.

The company expected construction to begin by March of 2006, and that the resort would be opened by 2008. At the time, many thought the resort would be wildly successful since it was going to be located on the north side of the Las Vegas Strip, where many of the oldest and tackiest hotels are located. Many thought this would be a golden opportunity to bring some life back into the struggling north side since tourism was booming at the time. Shortly after announcing their plans to the public, FontaineBleau Resorts LLC made the decision to hire the former president of the Mandalay Resort Group, Glenn Schaeffer. Glenn was brought onto the project due to his executive gaming experience, as well as his major influence in the Las Vegas Gaming Industry.

His main role in the project would be to oversee the new project as the president and chief executive officer of Fontainebleau Resorts LLC. FontaineBleau Resorts hoped that by bringing him onto the project, he would be able to cut construction costs as well as secure the much needed funding for the resort. At this point things were beginning to come together for developers.

The following year (2006) in August, plans for the 735-feet hotel tower with nearly 3 thousand hotel rooms and almost 1,000 condominiums were approved by the county. The company experienced a small delay however. Construction was delayed until the following year due to concerns of residents’ of Turnberry Place (an apartment complex located east of the planned resort) about the increase in traffic caused by the new resort. Eventually, these concerns were addressed and a new construction date was set for February of 2007. Nearly a year past the projected start date, construction began on the resort in February of 2007.

The Construction was to be completed by Turnberry Construction. A few months later in April, Publishing and Broadcasting Limited, Australia’s largest gaming operator, purchased 19.6 percent of Fontainebleau Resorts for $250 million. The project was expected to cost around 2.8 billion USD to complete, so this purchase provided the resort with the funding to continue construction on the property. While this deal took place, preparation work was already being performed on the property. It was also at this point that the hotel was downsized from 68 stories to 63 stories. Why they did this?

I really have no idea since they still planned on having nearly 3,000 hotel rooms and 1,000 condo units. By June of 2007, FontaineBleau LLC. secured 4 billion dollars from a variety of financial institutions like Bank of America.

(They come into play later so remember that Bank of America was a major part of this funding). This money was to be used to pay off company debts as well as finish the Las Vegas Resort. With the funding for construction secured, FontaineBleau LLC predicted that construction on the project would be completed by 2009, only a year later than expected.

The company stated that when the resort was finished, less than one third of its revenue would come from the casino. I guess they thought the theater was gonna be a real big hit. In October the project ran into trouble when plans were approved to increase the parking garage from seven stories, to twenty three stories. Why such a drastic change, the world may never know, but what we do know is that this plan really pissed off residents of Turnberry Place. They alleged that they were deceived by Turnberry Associates, stating that they were never informed of the decision to increase the size of the parking garage.

Turnberry Residents stated that prospective buyers were told by Sales Representatives that the garage would only be seven stories tall with two levels completely underground. The residents most substantial claim however, was that the garage would violate Clark County Ordinance, Title 30. In simple terms, Title 30 states that for buildings next to residential properties, for every one foot of building height, the building must be set back three feet from the property line. According to residents, the garage is only 36 feet away from Turnberry Place western property line. The biggest concerns for the residents was not their view being compromised, but the fact that the garage would bring a lot of noise and pollutants right next to their homes. In response to the claims by residents, Turnberry Associates CEO Jeff Soeffer said that Turnberry did a “respectful” job of building the hotel tower away from residents.

He went on to say that nothing was ever promised to residents, and the property was zoned for a hotel and casino, so residents knew something would eventually be built on this land. In this case, I honestly have to agree with Soeffer. While it sucks for residents that their view is gone, you cannot expect a company to buy land on the Las Vegas Strip and leave it vacant. I’m also not the only one who shares this view.

Turnberry Residents had a district judge rule on whether or not the Clark County Commision should have approved the garage redesign, since it allegedly violated the county ordinance. The district judge ruled in favor of the re-design stating it was legally approved. In 2008, when the subprime mortgage crisis hit, no major city was more devastated than Las Vegas. Many Americans felt that the excessiveness of the Las Vegas Strip was just simply to much, and casino revenues plummeted. Unemployment skyrocketed and many homes went underwater. (meaning that homeowners owed more on their home than it was worth) In April of 2008, Fontainebleau Resorts stated that they would be continuing construction despite other local projects experiencing extreme financial issues.

The company stated that the resort was fully funded and the recession should have no effect on the completion of the resort. At this time the resort had 2.4 billion dollars in debt and decided to try and downsize the debt by putting the 1,018 condos on sale. The company expected the presales from the condos to rack in between 700 to 900 million dollars. They hoped that these sales would enable them to get rid of a considerable amount of their debt on the resort. Unfortunately, these hopes never panned out due to the extremely poor economic conditions at the time.

By November of 2008, the FontaineBleau Tower was topped out meaning that all they had left to complete was the interior. Even though things were not going well for the resort at this time, things took a turn for the worst when 2009 rolled around. A year after the planned opening date, Fontaine Resorts President and Chief executive Glenn Schaeffer left without comment in May of 2009. Schaeffer’s departure came a week after the company had began layoffs in the corporate offices and a month after construction on the project slowed down. (3,300 construction workers were downsized to 250 workers) Schaeffer’s departure was a bad sign for the already bleak future of the resort since he was the designated casino operator with industry experience and was a previous Gaming Control Board licensee.

Schaeffer’s departure left FontaineBleau Resorts LLC scrambling to find someone else to take control of the multibillion dollar project. This task was made harder since not only were profits on the Strip extremely low at this time but the new resort would take years to make profit. Keep in mind, Schaeffer was responsible for securing over 3 billion dollars in funding for the project, so finding someone to fill his shoes would not be an easy task. During the construction phase, the project had gone 375 million dollars over their revised budget.

This prompted one of the primary lenders, Bank of America, to terminate their loan commitment which would have provided future funding for the project. Bank of America was supposed to provide the project with nearly 800 million dollars in funding. This event unfolded shortly after Schaeffer’s departure from the company. With a loss of their CEO and primary lender, the Fontainebleau Las Vegas was in a serious predicament. The company would now have to not only find a new leader for the project, but also secure nearly a billion dollars in funding to fill the void Bank of America left.

At this point, FontaineBleau Resorts was in some serious hot water. According to financial analysts who were following the project, it would cost nearly 3.5 billion dollars to finish construction on the resort, nearly double the projected cost. This debt would go on top of the well over 2 billion dollars of debt that company had already invested into the project. Due to this, along with Bank of America refusing to provide future funding, the company was left with no choice but to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection in June of 2009. Fontainebleau LLC hoped that by filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection they would be able to finish construction since the project was 70 percent complete at this point. Following their filing for Chapter 11, Fontainebleau LLC filed a 3 billion dollar litigation suit against Bank of America claiming they wrongfully withheld funds from the project.

But, in 2012 the case was resolved in favor of Bank of America. Honestly, I find this lawsuit to have been a desperate grab for cash by Fontainebleau LLC. While it was wrong for Bank of America to withdraw funding that was previously agreed upon,it was not unreasonable for them to withdraw the funding. Bank of America did this to prevent them from losing even more money. Many financial analysts believed it would take years for the project to become profitable, meaning it would take quite a long time for the Bank to break even on the deal.

I believe Fontainebleau LLC sued them in order to secure cash to not only finish the resort, but pay off the debts associated with the construction of the resort. IF they would have won the suit they would have been able to not only finish construction, but they could have opened the resort and possibly have made profit during the first year of operation. In the companies last, desperate attempt to secure funding for the resort, Fontainebleau’s Owner sued himself in the form of the general contractor suing the hotel ownership company, Turnberry Associates. Keep in mind, both of these companies are owned by the same person, Jeff Soffer.

This was a terrible attempt to force creditors to supply funding for the completion of the resort. Unfortunately, suing themselves did absolutely nothing to secure funding and the resort would remain unfinished.By July of 2009, Construction work was completely halted on the resort. Among the uncompleted portions of the resort were many restaurants, along with some of the hotel rooms.

According to Steve Duncan, a Urban Historian who snuck into the unfinished resort, many of the rooms were complete but stripped down. Later that same month, the resort sought permission in bankruptcy court to cancel events that were to unfold in 2010. Some of these events included numerous meetings, and conventions. They also sought to cancel employment contracts and default on a lease for office space which would have been used for Fontainebleau’s employee recruitment center.

So what’s next for the resort? Well, on February 18 of 2010, Billionaire Carl Icahn purchased the resort for $150 Million Dollars. Following his purchase, Icahn auctioned off the furnishing previously intended for the resort. In November of 2015, Icahn listed the resort for sale for the asking price of 650 million dollars.

The hotel was listed through CBRE Group who stated that it would cost around 1.2 billion dollars to finish the resort, which means it would cost less than 2 billion dollars for a buyer to enter the Strip Market. This meant that it would cost around 500,000 dollars per room, half of the one million dollars per room it cost to build new. In August of 2017, nearly 8 years since construction was halted on the infamous resort, Wilkoff Group, and New Valley LLC purchased the resort for 600 million dollars.

Immediately after their purchase, the new owners set forth plans for a major redesign of the property, as well as plans to waterproof the project. Project Blue, as it was known to the new developers, would have a second shot at life. Construction is now expected to resume sometime during 2018.

The new owners of the property have partnered with JW Marriot to open and rename the project “The Drew”. The Drew will feature nearly 4,000 hotel rooms, and 500,000 square feet of convention and meeting space. The Drew will also feature two Marriott Brand Hotels, The EDITION, and JW Marriott Hotels, making this the first Marriott Hotel to open on the Strip. A new completion date has been set for late 2020, and the hotel will be connected to the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center, meaning that it’s main focus will be visitors attending conventions there.

If the project is completed it will create 5,000 construction jobs, and 6,000 jobs upon opening. Now that we have covered the downfall, and what’s to come for the project, this is the part of the video where I am going to give my opinion on what caused the resort to fail, as well as if I think the new resort will be successful. I personally think the Fontainebleau was a victim of horrible timing. When developers decided to start construction at the beginning of the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008, they were fighting an uphill battle. What I mean by this is when an economic crisis hits, the first thing people stop spending money on is traveling.

When you are barely able to afford your house, people are not going to want to go and spend money on going somewhere exorbitant. This is especially true for Las Vegas since Vegas’s tourism economy is practically built on blowing money. When you think of Las Vegas the first thing to come to most people’s mind is gambling, expensive shows and dinners, and so on. Jeff Soeffer should have realized that since your average Joe’s bank account wasn’t looking to hot, it probably was not the best time to build a CASINO Resort. If they had waited a couple more years, things might have worked out for them. Now do I think things will work out for the Drew?

The short answer is yes I do. Wilkoff Group and New Valley LLC got an amazing deal on the property. According to CBRE Group, a real estate company in the Las Vegas Valley, they said “It will cost about $1.2 billion to finish Fontainebleau. Combined with a purchase price of $650 million, it would take less than $2 billion for a buyer to enter or expand on the Strip market. That’s about $500,000 per room, just half of the $1 million or more per room to build new.”

What they mean by this is the new owners are going to pay half of what the original owners would have payed to open the resort. This means they will have considerably less debt, thus making it easier for the owners to make a profit short term. The Drew is also located on the North Side of the Las Vegas Strip. For those of you who don’t live in Vegas, or have never visited the Las Vegas Strip, the North side of the Strip is quite sketchy to say the least. Many of the Casinos on this portion of the Strip are run down and honestly quite disgusting.

The Drew should dominate this portion of the Strip since it will be considerably newer, more modern, and hopefully a lot cleaner. Another key factor in the success of the Drew is how much they end up catering to Convention Center Visitors. If they connect the resort to the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center this will be a game changer for them.

Many people who visit Las Vegas to attend conventions stay in either AirBNB’s near the Center or hotels within walking distance. The reason many people do this is since Uber, or Taxi rides on the Strip are ridiculously expensive. The closer people stay to the Convention Center, the less they will have to pay to get there. If the Drew goes through with their plans to connect their Resort with the expansion of the Convention Center, they should dominate the tourism market for the Vegas Convention Center.

Tourists won’t have to pay for rides to the center, or pay for rides to get food since the resort will have restaurants. In my opinion, they should see massive profits from this since the market for the Convention Center is only getting bigger, and many of the big resorts on the Strip don’t focus much on convention attendees. Construction has already begun on the resort, and only time will tell if things pan out for the new owners.

I truly do hope things work out since I’ve always been quite interested in what the resort looks like on the inside, and if they open I’ll finally be able to see the interior. Anyways, this is going to be the end of the video. I hope you all enjoyed this video since I really enjoy making this kind of content. If you have any places you want me to make a video on, let me know down below and I’ll probably end up making a video on it.

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I’ll be posting a new video every Friday, but sometimes I’ll be uploading throughout the week, so make sure you press the bell icon. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you all next video, Peace!

Casino Review – Jack Casino, Cleveland OH.

So I’m here in Cleveland Ohio and I gotta visit the Jack casino. Previously the Horseshoe casino, so I’m looking forward to checking it out. It’s pretty cold out here so I’m going to go inside. Check out the craps tables, and see if we can find any luck inside. Intro I grew up outside of Cleveland so I love the area, I came to a lot of Indians games, so I think it would be cool to walk over to the

casinos with boku after a game. This trip I drove in.

The Cavilers were playing a home game so all the parking was marked up for the event, $30-40 if you wanted to be real close. I found some $10 parking a little walk away. The casino is located in the Tower City Center right in downtown. I like the downtown location of the casinos with boku, it just has a different vibe than say Las Vegas.

It has the energy and all the people of a vibrant downtown. It’s just, and then there’s the casino just tucked in there. I thought it was pretty cool.

Ok, so I know you aren’t here for a review of Cleveland, so I’ll tell you what I remember about the Jack. Let me warn you the footage from inside is not good, I was a little nervous trying to capture it. ButI’ll get better at it as I do more of these reviews Inside the door my backpack was checked by security, she was friendly. Entering I was pleasantly surprised, it was attractive, clean, its also non smoking. Its not super big, but not cramped by any means.

It covers 3 floors of the building. They were playing a mix of easy listening and light rock music, not too loud, I would say pleasant level. They had what looked like a pretty nice poker room up on the 3rd floor.

The second floor had some food options, slots, and this is where most of the table games were. They had 2 different electronic craps machines. One was a dedicated bubble machine, and the other was this multi game machine were you could play blackjack roulette or craps, but everything just displayed up on monitors, so it was all digital. They were both $10 minimum “total” bet, I wasn’t sure if this meant you could make multiple bets that just totaled $10 or what. I just moved along. There was a sports bar, and they were showing the cavs game on all the tv’s.

The Cavs were just starting their game across the street. They also had a little area with live music at another bar. I sat and listened for a bit. Down on the street level is where the craps pit was. There were six tables total. One table was closed down, and the other five were pretty full actually.

One table was running crapless craps. All the tables were either 10 or 15 dollar minimums, this was a Friday night just for reference, so I’m not sure if they are cheaper during the week or what. So it wasn’t the most successful session. I played for little over an hour, ended up being down about $50.

It was a pretty chill group. Actually all the tables, I went to a couple different tables. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere, pretty casual.

The dealers were alright, they were friendly enough. They ran the fire bet as their little bonus. I didn’t participate, I kept it pretty simple, played high odds, but um, despite the loss I had a good time so thumbs up for the Jack.

Top 5 Biggest Poker Mistakes

Come and cry on my shoulders. To err on camera is entertainment!

Oops! They say you should learn from your mistakes. Well, we put five big ones from the expanded PokerStars archive, so maybe you can learn from these guys’ mistakes instead. Sam, please, don’t bluff. When you’re convinced you’re beat, it’s tempting to make cards at showdown. But in the Barcelona Main Event in 2010, Giuseppe Pantaleo learned a valuable lesson.

So two big stacks go to the flop. And the flop is queen high. Nothing for either player. This is a fairly safe flop to continuation bet.

This only hits a queen and the club flush draw. He can bet and take it down. Or he can think about it and check back.

The queen comes on the turn. There’s also a third club. And Lizano feels like he can steal it.

Giuseppe slowed down on the flop. Jesus is going to take a stab. 230,000. Again, Giuseppe’s going to think about this.

We saw him happily float against Chandler DeVries. Yup. And it looks like that’s what’s going to go on here, Giuseppe has a cunning plan in store. He’s going to float this turn with nothing to try to win this pot on the river.

They both have the same hand. Queens and deuces with a jack kicker. The aggressor will probably win this pot. Lizano has not shut down, he bets a second time.

And Giuseppe’s reaching for chips. It looks like his plan is falling into place. He’s going to raise Jesus off this chop-pot. Makes it 790,000. How much?

Jesus thinks Pantaleo is on the steal. Can he find the courage to re-raise him? Well, Jesus can’t possibly call this river raise.

He could only be good if Giuseppe was calling his turn bet with a complete air ball to bluff the river. To win, he needs to re-raise. He’s called! Immediately! Well, it’s going to be a chop-pot. Whoa!

Pantaleo’s just mucked! Giuseppe just forfeited the pot by mucking hand and it would have been a chop-pot. Yeah, but you don’t think someone’s going to be calling you with the same hand, do you? That’s exactly why he mucked! I can’t believe Lizano called there with jack high, and I can’t believe he just mucked!

I had the jack high, too. Yeah, I saw it. You saw it? Well if there’s one lesson to be learned, never muck your cards until your opponent’s hand has been revealed.

Bluff called off a chop. Yes, that actually happened. At number 4, Neil Farrell blasts off in full Farrell-do fashion on the bubble of the 2014 Barcelona Main Event. Olly Price calls out to the big blind with jack-8. And we’re going three-way to the flop. Top set for Lamprecht.

Hey, all right, you flopped a set, James Woods from The Hard Way. He checks. Price, who has nothing– And this is weird. –leads for 13,500. Most folks are never leading anything here, but Olly’s no slouch. My guess is that this is part of an overall strategy we’re not privy to yet.

Farrell calls with ace high. Not surprising, Olly’s lead usually isn’t very strong. Lamprecht it is going to want to raise here, but I’m not sure he needs to.

He’s basically got a lock on this hand against even really strong ranges. He’s made it 36,500. Gets a fold from Price. I’d be far more surprised to see Neil call now.

He pretty much has bottom of his calling range to the original bet, let alone this one. Isn’t that right, James Woods from Cat’s Eye? Call. Well, I guess we’re going to turn. Now and James Woods from Videodrome looks kind of sick about it, I don’t know why. Ace of hearts on the turn.

Puts a flush draw out there. Should be a pretty easy shove for Lamprecht, he’s got about half pot. All in. There he goes.

Ooh, piece of candy. And I guess Farrell feels he’s getting a good price. He might think he has the call and he probably hates it. Could just be dead.

This could be fun. Calling on the flop was probably the worst decision by a Farrell since the movie Phone Booth. But I like Phone Booth. This is not going to buy this Farrell a new house.

He calls. Do I have to show? Ha ha. I did not think you would have that.

It’s on TV. And Neil Farrell is drawing dead. Lamprecht will double up here. I would’ve lost all this stuff, you couldn’t even shove it anyway, that’s fine.

Nice hand. And kind of lucky too. What a bizarre hand. Oh, bad news, Farrell-do. Gotcha!

At number 3, it’s another hand from Barcelona. Maybe it’s the heat. In the Super High Roller in 2014, Martin Jacobson did a Neil Farrell.

We’re going three-way to the flop. And that flop has a 4 on it. A set for Colman. What’s Martin doing?

He should be checking here. This is bad timing. He leads the flop for 77,000. I like a flat call from Colman, because they think Martin’s donk leading this flop with a bad hand way more often than a good one. So Dan raises, he probably gets two folds way too often, which you don’t want, you want Martin to keep bluffing. Colman does just call.

And Seidel folds. We’ll never know what he had. 10 on the turn. Jacobson now with a gut shot.

Martin’s probably never going to get a fold here unless the board runs out so badly for 4’s that it makes his hand actually win. He’s betting again, which is just 9% equity. 155,000.

There’s not much more reason for Dan to fold now than there was on the flop. 7-8 out there. Once again, Colman just calls.

627,000 in the middle. One card to come. And that card is a king. A set of 4’s are good. Yeah, I don’t think Dan’s ever folding. Hopefully Martin just gives up.

All in. He bluff shoves! Or he just blasts off. Probably not going to work. Quick call from Colman.

And Jacobson’s out! Yeah, you probably got me, huh? Let me just calmly take a second before exiting this 50K tournament.

Nice hand. Martin Jacobson, the eternal bridesmaid on the European Poker Tour. Good luck, guys. He’ll be off to Vegas in November to compete at the World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table. Wow. That was [INAUDIBLE].

Huh? That was a gift. It was. Really.

Say, I’ve never seen him doing something like this. Yeah. That was ambitious. Huh? That was ambitious.

You [INAUDIBLE] to do stuff like that. Guess so. Only against you, kid.

Only against you. Don’t cry for either of those guys. Both won eight figure scores at the WSOP that year. Now, guess what hand number 2 is from?

Yes, more Barcelona buffoonery! In 2012, the year of the Filson Hats, Mikalai Pobal forgot a cardinal rule at the final table of the main event. You know, Pobal’s supposed to be wearing the silver hat, but he didn’t want to play the hat game. And he claims he likes to party. Flop is king high with two hearts, top pair for Jouhkimainen, nut flush draw for Pobal.

That’s a flop that’s usually going to generate a lot of action. Pobal should have no problem seed betting here. Ace high is going to be ahead plenty, and if not, he’s building a nice pot towards the nut flush. Pobal does bet– 450,000. As you can see, even against top pair, he’s not that big of a dog.

Absolutely no reason Jouhkimainen should be folding top pair just yet. Maybe not even if another heart hits. Joni will call. And we go to the turn. I bet he wishes he had a hat now.

3 of diamonds. Pretty innocuous card. Jouhkimainen checks top pair a second time, Pobal checks behind. Opts to take the free card. And it’s a heart on the river, Pobal now with the stone cold nuts.

Jouhkimainen checks to him. And he checks behind? You can’t do that! Up goes the nuts. Oh [BLEEP]! Wow, after playing for five days and 12 hours, mistakes like that can happen sometimes.

What you have? Second nuts? No, he has the nuts. I don’t have second nuts.

One hand? One round. One hour. One round. One hour. It’s actually against the rules to check back the nuts.

So he’ll– we’ll be playing the next hand when he’s big blind. When he’s the big blind next, he will be able to get back in. Mikalai Pobal gets a one orbit penalty.

And for right now, you can just stand right here. It won’t take long. It’s three hands. Yep. Who in the [BLEEP] forgets that? Well, controversially, we are leaving Barcelona for the conclusion of our countdown.

The biggest head scratcher of all time comes from Poker After Dark. It takes a lot to make Phil Ivey’s jaw drop, but that’s exactly what happened during the first season of the show. She’s got low [INAUDIBLE]. Raise to 1,200. The [INAUDIBLE].

I think you would call with this hand, Patrick. Button raise, there’s never anything. Contrary to what Patrick might think, Jennifer has a real hand and it just got better. She’s flopped top set, Patrick flopped a pair of 10’s with a gut shot straight draw.

Bet 2,000. Check. Full house? I can’t beat that. I thought you had pocket kings. I was like.

I almost thought I had you. Aww. Surrounded by that line, you can’t help but feel for her.

Well those are the top five mistakes that hopefully you will repeat.

Is Gambling a Sin? Christian Gambling

What does the Bible say about Gambling? Should Christians gamble? And is Gambling a sin? If you’ve ever had questions about gambling from a Christian perspective, stay tuned!

Hi guys, my name is Justin and I want to welcome you to another episode of “That Christian Vlogger,” a place where you get to come join me and experience faith in the first person. On this episode we’re asking ourselves, “Is gambling a sin?” In many Christian circles gambling is looked at as a very dark thing- the type of thing that no self respecting Christian should ever do. Most Christians would not have a problem saying that yes, Gambling is definitely a sin and the Bible is clear on that. However..

I don’t think the Bible is so black and white on this… Now before you stone me for heresy, just hear me out… Contrary to popular belief, the Bible actually never talks about gambling in a negative way. In fact, the Bible has nothing to say about gambling at all! What the Bible does have to talk about is stewardship and coveting. The Bible many times talks about how placing material goods on a pedestal to be worshiped is a sinful thing. Consider Mark 8:36 where Jesus says, “what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul?” or Hebrews 13:5 that says, “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have.” Or most famously in 1 Timothy 6:10 that says, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Over and over again, the Bible makes it clear that the love of money and an unhealthy and unbalanced pursuit of money is a sin. Now, this doesn’t mean that being rich is a sin or working to get a raise is sinful.

(Believe me, I wouldn’t oppose if my boss offered me a raise either, nor would I be disappointed in the least bit). What the Bible does say is that coveting others worldly goods and being so consumed with financial success to the neglect of spiritual wholeness or at the cost of your relationships is a very unhealthily way to live and certainly sinful. However, this doesn’t really actually answer the question, “Is gambling a sin?” I actually think that depending upon who you are and the way you approach gambling determines wether or not it is sinful for you. Here’s what I mean by this. The other day, I was looking for something romantic to do with my beautiful wife Emily. I stumbled across this website that had a private hot air balloon ride for two available.

Get this, for a ride that will last only 2 or 3 hours, the rate was an insane number of over $650! Now I recognize that for some of you this isn’t a ton, but for a couple still trying to pay off their college loans- this is a little outside our budget. Now, does this mean that riding a hot air balloon ride is sinful?

Not necessarily. For those with a ton of money, $650 might just be a drop in the bucket and no bid deal at all because it would not cause their families any undue financial stress at all. Now imagine it was my honeymoon and I wanted to do something special for Emily and I saved up to do something fun with her. Would it be sinful to ride the hot air balloon then? Again, as long as I was being a responsible steward and not running my families budget into the ground, I don’t see anything wrong with it at all!

Now replace going to the casino with my example of the hot air balloon. Is it wrong to budget a few hundred dollars on a few hours of entertainment? Maybe, maybe not! It depends on who you are. If I’m in no financial position to be spending that money then absolutely yes!

If I am a wealthy man, than there’s no real reason to think that spending a few hundred dollars on some fun. Now before you all run off to Vegas, let me just be frank with you. Just because gambling might technically not be a sin, doesn’t make it a wise thing for you to do.

My late grandfather made millions of dollars back in the day from gambling. In fact, Caesar’s Palace which was one of the big time Casinos back in the day would fly the family out to Vegas, giving us the presidential suites for free, just to get him back in the doors! You see the Casinos knew that my Grandfather didn’t have the healthiest relationship to money.

The Casinos took advantage of my Grandfathers compulsively nature to gambling and they exploited the simple fact that gambling is addictive. They knew that if they could just get him in the door over and over again, in the long run, they would win! By the end of his life, the gambling cost my grandfather much more than he was willing to pay- it cost him not only all of his money (since he died broke)- but many of the family relationships along the way.

You see, gambling is an incredibly dangerous vice to indulge for many people. Annual costs associated with gambling run over 17 billion dollars a year. Those who become addicted to gambling often suffer from major depression related disorders and are higher risk for tobacco and drug abuse. Studies estimate anywhere from 25-50 percent of those with an addiction to gambling end up abusing their spouses.

And last but certainly not least, Georgia State University identified that over 73% of all people who are incarcerated are identified as chronic gamblers. So while in my opinion, I don’t think that Gambling is a sin, I still don’t think it’s something Christians ought to do. Christ calls us to set a high standard and to aim for the best in all areas of our lives. He calls us to be faithful stewards of both our time and money and to learn as Paul said, “to be content in any and every situation.” Why? Because to us, God’s grace and goodness in our lives is more than we’ll ever need! That’s all for today guys, I hope you enjoyed today’s topic.

What do you think about Gambling? Is gambling a sin? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

As always I just want to say thank you for watching, and if you’re new to this channel I’d encourage you to check out some of our other videos and if you like what you see, hit that subscribe button below! Until next time, I’m “That Christian Vlogger” and I want to encourage you to experience faith in the first person! God bless!

Over 80% Success Method for Over 0.5 first half goals

Hello guys Gpwnz here Many of you know me from my live stream. This is my first vlog about soccer betting, where I will talk about a tactic to bet on goal in the half A winning tactic. As long as you follow some steps. The first thing I do is to look the match’s odds for over 2.5. If the odds are low, then this means that many goals are expected in this match And when this happens, the goals will most likely be spread in both halves. You will rarely see all the goals of an “ over” match, scored in the 2nd half.

Only Usually there will be 1 or 2 goals scored in the 1st half and the rest in the 2nd half. Therefore, it’s good for me to know: if there are many goals expected in the match or not, Then the 2nd thing I look is how often it is for the teams playing to have a goal in the 1st half. There are many sites where you can check this feature.

I use soccer stats tracker, which is a very nice software. It covers most of the famous European leagues and some from Brazil and Argentina, a nice software that shows clearly all the useful stats and it’s very easy for me to see what is most likely to happen. For example, I can ask from this program to find the top 100 teams, from all leagues, with over 85 % rate in all games, to have a goal in the 1st half when they play both home and away. I press search and I get these teams that in 85 % or more of their games, they’ve had goal in the 1st half.

First of all, Zilina from Slovakia in all 14 games, either home or away, had goal in the 1st half, And this means that most likely it will happen again in their next match: Salzburg, 2nd, Basel Ross County .., the more games this happens and the more often The better for you, the more possible it is to occur in the next match, too. All the teams that we see here right now have goals in their first half. Even Giannina are here, they have played 8 matches and in all 8 of them there was goal in the 1st half with most recent yesterday against Asteras, Tripolis 1-1 half time result Very useful tool. The other way is to go to “ h2h feature” and you can choose, for example, Arsenal versus Tottenham there, where it reads: h1+ it’s the goal.

In the first half we can see that Arsenal had goal in the first half in 4 out of 5 home games, meaning 80 % of them And for Tottenham the 3 out of 5 away games had goal in the first half, meaning the 60 % of them. If I add 80, + 60 equals 140 divided by 2, it’s 70 %, as average rate for the goal in 1st half, And you compare with what happens in the league if it’s a usual phenomeno to have a goal. In the first half You to England, Premier League, and you see that out of 100 games in 66, there has been goal in the first half meaning 66 %, and since these 2 teams overcome the average rate of the league to have a goal in the 1st Half it’s a very good choice to include this match for such bet.

The 3rd step that I follow is the live stats. I use bet365 for my bets and the good thing is, apart from the good odds and the variety of leagues, etc. It also has this tool on the right, which tells me how many attacks have been made: the possession, how many shots on target and off target.

If you see a lot of attacks, dangerous attacks, many shots on target or shots in general, then this is also encouraging for such a bet. The more of these stats you see the better, Especially if you see good movement of the ball in the first 20 minutes. Then it’s even more possible for you to see a goal also until 45′.

This is the 3rd that I check now. The 4th is to keep an eye on the live odds of the match and especially the odds for goal in the 1st half The odds usually express the probability of an event to occur As time goes by the probability decreases, so the odds increase We take. For example, this match in Saudi Arabia U23 the odds for the goal in first half have reached 2.00 And, as we approach more and more 45′, the more the odds will increase. Usually the odds for a first half goal start from around 1.2 for the teams that usually score a lot and the usual odds for this start at 1.5, which is the most often And from there they increase as time goes by By 20′ to 25′.

If there hasn’t been a goal, usually the odds, reach 2.00 or even go over that, and then it’s a good time to bet on it, based, of course, on the steps the info and the stats that you followed. The odds are good to bet on at around that time, For the live odds, I use this site called sbobet, which is an Asian booker. The good thing about this booker is that it shows me how the odds move for over 0.5 goals in the first half, When someone bets a lot of money on goal or for some reason, the booker thinks that it’s quite possible for a goal to occur. The odds will drop – and this is an extra motive for us to keep in mind this match for a goal in the 1st half.

It’S good to check also the live odds. But if you take the 3 first steps which are to check the odds for over 2.5 before the match starts, how often is for the two teams to have a goal in the 1st half and also the league average, for example Norway, Czech Republic, Sweden? These are leagues that both over is possible and the goal in the first half. If you take these 3 steps, then you just wait for the odds to reach a good value to buy it. These are the 3-4 steps that I follow. The 5th is that you don’t need to rush to bet on something without checking something.

Sometimes some punters check just the live stats, but it’s not enough. Some teams may have shots, etc, but these teams never score in the 1st half. So it’s good for you to follow at least 3 of these 4 steps so that you have a better opinion if you should bet or not on the 1st half goal. I follow this system for some time now, but recently I had the idea to keep a track of my bets.

I had here some predictions from Friday I had around 17 predictions from which I lost only 4 and won 13 for first half goal In 13. Of the 17 matches there was a goal in the first half and in just 4. There wasn’t Then on Saturday that there are many matches going on from many leagues.

I had around 32 predictions and lost 10 matches and won in 22 of them, so over 60 % of them, And these are from Sunday some matches that I considered to be very possible candidates for a goal. In the first half Out of 14 matches, I lost only 2 won 12 of them, but the 2 matches that I lost. There was a goal in the 2nd half. So if you lose a bet about a goal in the first half then consider betting on a goal in the 2nd half.

You will rarely see teams that have low odds on over 2.5 and the goal in the first half is very possible to finish 0-0. Usually, almost every time there will be at least a goal in the 2nd half. If there hasn’t been any in the first half, You will rarely see such matches. End 0-0. You just need to watch the match and bet on odds that are over 1.8.

The higher the better, but I believe that over 1.8 is a good price to buy as long as it fulfills these conditions. These steps that I follow these 3-4 steps – I usually just follow 3 of them. Usually I don’t check the odds or other times. I don’t check what is going on in the game. Other do it for me, because if I see that the odds for a goal drop, then it means that they see something, and I just follow 3 out of 4 steps.

I believe are good enough to judge if there will be a goal in the half or not So I’m gon na stop with the video here for now, since the 8 matches that I have a prediction for today do not start yet it’s 5 o’clock still and None of the matches has started yet I will continue with the 2nd part of the video after the matches have started have reached about 15′. I will then make a prediction and see if it comes true until 45′ from these games that I have already marked. So, that’s all for now Welcome to the 2nd part of the video about the goal in the 1st half The 1st match is under way the match in Poland, Gornik vs Podbeskidzie.

The reason I have marked this match is because I saw that the home team has 4 out of 5 home games with goal in 1st half and the away team 4 out of 7 away games with goal in the 1st half 80 % + 57 % around 137 % divided by 2, around 68 %, And if we check also what happens in that league, the goal in the 1st half is something usual in Poland, with 76.7 % 79 games out of 103, and I also see the live odds here. I had seen the odds drop for the 0.5-1 market here in sbobet, which is something that indicates that most likely there will be a goal it may drop again until I stop with the video and also in bet365, watching the match, We can see that Gornik is Pressuring continuously has the possession has already made a shot off target, but it’s still before 10′. However, we see a lot of attacks. It has already come close to the opponent’s goal And so far based on stats odds, movement and the live stats on the field. Everything show that most likely there will be a goal until 45′.

Here we see again the odds increasing for the 0.5-1 market, which is quite reasonable, as the time goes by and closer to 45′ and nothing happens. I’Ve seen it already drop 1 time, which was maybe due to liquidity or the home team’s pressure, the odd dropped, and if I see that it drops again, it will be another confirmation that the goal is very possible. We will wait a bit. We are going to wait until I say if we bet on it or not, I won’t wait until the goal.

I shall close the video and then restart it if the bet lands – and this part is to see how we approach a match that I would like to bet on over 0.5. First half goals. We see here that it’s at 1.57. It’S not that bad. If you bet here 100€ and make 57€ profit on something that seems quite possible, there was a shot on target. Also from the opponent team.

It made a dangerous attack and a shot on target. That’S good, because there is movement from both teams. The odds increase continuously From the rest of the matches that are live now. There isn’t something that I’ve marked or that I’ve seen based on stats, that there will be goal in the 1st half It’s good to focus only on the matches we have marked, and we have one idea of what may happen. 0.5-1 is the 0.75 ( handicap ), where if there is 1 goal, you win half the money or, if not, you lose, and if you see here the odds on over drop, it is a very good signal for what we are looking for.

The white dot indicates the ball’s position. It shows that the home team play very close to the opponent’s area. .91- > .93. It increases as time goes by reasonably.

We are looking forward to a drop. The odds for over 2.5 is something that I didn’t check. To be honest, I mean I saw it, but I dont remember it: we go to “ odds comparison” in flashscore, O/U tab and see for over 2.5 that the odds dropped, which means that everybody thinks that there will be goals.

All the money goes on over something that supports our prediction for goal in the 1st half because, like we said in the 1st part, if the game is over 2.5, the goals are split between both halves. Usually so most likely, we will see a goal also in the 1st half the odds still increase as time goes by. Let’S wait a bit It’s right there.

I hope you have noticed it. We want to see the arrow pointin down to drop from 1.97, which will show that the goal is close. There have been money bet on goal. It can mean a lot of things, but whatever it means it is in our favour, still increasing it’s not necessary to see a drop, as I said in the 1st part, if we are sure based on the stats, we saw that for over 2.5, the match will Most likely be over 2.5, or at least that’s what the odds indicate.

We checked the teams and the league that it is very possible for a goal to be scored in the 1 half and we see also here in the live stats … There is a yellow card, which means for bet365 to freeze. It means it’s at a good spot, very close to the area or even a penalty bet365. Please stop refreshing by yourself … So probably it wasn’t something dangerous since everything unfroze Here in bet365, when it freezes, it usually means that there was some red card goal or penalty, or it was getting very close to a goal. As I was saying, it’s not necessary to see the odds drop.

If we are sure about the rest, 3 steps, it’s good to bet something after the odds, have reached some value 1.66 and will still increase as time goes by since the probability drops, so the odds rise it keeps going up. I saw it drop only one time around 8′ and now we are at 16′. I, like the movement I like these attacks. I like the ball, that is moving around the area because it’s easy, then, for a cross, a good pass and a goal to happen still going up so far.

We are 3 out of 4 steps verified. Let me check: when do the other matches start? This one started at 7 and it’s 17 minutes in then the next start at 8 o’clock. We have the Swedish matches very possible for a goal in the 1st half, because it’s a league where they play very aggressively and open football, very possible that there will be a goal in all 3 matches and then the rest later 2.17. We refresh in case something happens, The odds dropped, but the market has changed here. You need to pay attention to that.

If the market changes it’s normal for the odds to drop. Since we talk about a different market, now it’s over 0.5 and the odds at 1.80 and we’ll see if it drops now, it will start increasing as well 1.82. If it drops again, then we can say that we are ready and sure to bet something on the goal.

The home team is pressuring. It has two shots off target and also has the possession the other team has made 5 dangerous attacks and a shot also on target. So it’s not one-sided. There is some action going on: it’s not passive From 1.82, it dropped to 1.80 very good signal, and I think we are securing the 4th step too.

The ball is close to the goal 1.80 odds and there is also a shot on target very good signal. Indeed. 1.80 odds – some of you may want to wait more, but I would bet something here. At 1.80, all the 4 steps have been met and it is worth some money.

So let’s say we have bet on this 10€ to win 8€. There was one more shot on target. There is more action going on, and this is very good. So let’s say we’ve bet on this 10€ and we will see if we win. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, after about 5 minutes, what we expected came true, with the odds being around 1.8 and even climbed up to 1.9.

During the time we waited, there was a goal from the away team and there’s the goal: .. 0-1 in the Polish game, and we made money depending on how much we bet on 1.8, which is quite decent odds. I hope you understood the way that I work on this tactic, how you check everything, how you check the stats and what each team has done home and away what goes on in the specific league and what is probable to happen? You check the live odds, movement and also what is going on in the match, and you bet accordingly, when you have covered at least the 3 out of 4 steps, then you just go for it when the odds are decent, it’s possible that we see another goal Too, but I won’t go there that up to each and everyone to judge if there will be another goal or not, it’s good to check the live odds here if they drop. If you want to predict another goal and if you see also more movement on the field, usually after a goal, there is some action Anyway.

The point was for us to see how this tactic works, how you should approach it to have good results? It’S the first example that I do on the video and it lands and that’s what I will do also for the next 7 matches that remain for today, 26th of October, And tomorrow I will make the last part of the video to sum up what happened and How much did this tactic pay off I’ve? Seen, though, these days that this tactic works, I’ve had some good profit and if you bet on good odds of 1.8 or more, then you make some profit. I don’t think there is doubt on this. You just need good money management and also bet right. I mean that when you have all the right information and everything indicates towards the goal, then you should bet it doesn’t matter.

If you lose a game, this method shows that it works quite often, and you will always have some lost bets, but slowly from the profits that you will have most of the times, you will grow. That’S all for now, 1 of the 8 games today was won. Let me mark here “ y”, which means “ yes”, and we will see what happens with the rest of these games and tomorrow we sum up and the last comments good night, Hello again. This is the last part of this vlog for the 1st half goal.

Half of the matches have been played more than the half 5 out of 8, where the 1st half is over and we have achieved 5 out of 5 wins so far and we wait on 3 more matches. I preferred to upload the video sooner than wait for the matches and upload the video tomorrow. Anyway, we see that this method can pay us as long as we follow the steps at least 3 out of 4. We need to be able to read the odds to be able to judge what will happen in one match based on stats.

We need to check also how often the teams involved have a goal in the 1st half and how often phenomeno is that in their league and also what do the odds mean when they are low on over 2.5, which means that many goals are usually expected in The match – and this usually means that the goals will be spread among the 2 halves. All these bring us one step closer to make a successful bet. That’S all. I think that the video was very analytical and clear for everyone, no matter how new or old, are you at betting, at least for the specific type of over 0.5 goals in the first half, We see that at Randers match the 1st goal came at 11′ and In the 3 Swedish matches, where I predicted a goal in the 1st half AIK scored at 19′ Kalmar at 16′ and Orebro at 18′, So we have 5 out of 5.

So far, I’m waiting on 3 more matches. That was the vlog about over 0.5 goals. In first half make right money management follow the steps that I describe 3 out of 4 steps, at least, if not all 4 of them, the more you do, the better for you, the more sure you will be about what you are going to do.

Read the odds and understand that the decrease means that something is possible to happen sometimes, instead of reading the stats, if you read an odd drop, it means that something is close to happen, and I hope you all have some profit by following this method. That’S all! If you liked the video – and you want me to talk about something else like over/under 2.5 for 1X2 or how you can profit by guessing the final score, ( correct score, ), let me know in comments or in my facebook page, which you can find in the Description of the video or in youtube comments section Like it subscribe, do whatever you want Anyway, I’m out ..I’ll, see you

2017 Book Bingo Reading Challenge

Hey y’all. I am Mayor Sonni of the blog Readeropolis. Today I am here to tell you about the 2017 Book Bingo reading challenge hosted by Suzanne at The Grand World of Books blog. This is one of the easiest reading challenges I’ve found so far for 2017. The challenge only has two rules. Rule 1: HAVE FUN!

If you’re not having fun with this challenge, it’s almost not worth doing, in Suzanne’s opinion. Rule 2: If you decide to use the The Grand World of Books Bingo board, please link back to Suzanne’s the original blog post. I have included the link to the blog post in the description box. The goal in traditional Bingo is to fill a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line of five grid spaces on the card.

For this bookish version of Bingo, you can complete the whole card, if you’d like. My goal for this challenge is to complete at least one line of Bingo. That’s five books. If you are planning to participate in this reading challenge, I would recommend reading SNOW-BLIND by Katharine Newlin Burt for the Bingo square: a book that takes place in winter. I am listening to it right now as part of the Benchathon hosted by Katie at Kitkatscanread here on YouTube.

The SNOW-BLIND audiobook is just under four hours and is available for free here on YouTube. It is about a young actress named Sylvie Doone who wanders away from her theatrical troupe while their stage-coach is being repaired – after it got stuck in a snow drift on the road on their way to their next performance. Sylvie meant to come round to the back of the road, but before she knew it, she didn’t know which way the road was. So she ends up lost.

Snow-blind and hungry, Sylvie is later discovered by a man named Hugh Garth who takes her back to his cabin. As she comes to her senses, Sylvie realizes that there are two other people, a young man and a older woman, living with Hugh in the cabin and that the situation she wandered into is not what it seems. So, can we talk in the comments?

Are you planning on participating in this reading challenge? If so, What is your goal? Are you going to complete one line of Bingo or are you going to complete the whole card? Do you have any recommendations for the book task spaces? I’ll see you down the comments. Thanks for watching and happy reading.