2017 Book Bingo Reading Challenge

Hey y’all. I am Mayor Sonni of the blog Readeropolis. Today I am here to tell you about the 2017 Book Bingo reading challenge hosted by Suzanne at The Grand World of Books blog. This is one of the easiest reading challenges I’ve found so far for 2017. The challenge only has two rules. Rule 1: HAVE FUN!

If you’re not having fun with this challenge, it’s almost not worth doing, in Suzanne’s opinion. Rule 2: If you decide to use the The Grand World of Books Bingo board, please link back to Suzanne’s the original blog post. I have included the link to the blog post in the description box. The goal in traditional Bingo is to fill a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line of five grid spaces on the card.

For this bookish version of Bingo, you can complete the whole card, if you’d like. My goal for this challenge is to complete at least one line of Bingo. That’s five books. If you are planning to participate in this reading challenge, I would recommend reading SNOW-BLIND by Katharine Newlin Burt for the Bingo square: a book that takes place in winter. I am listening to it right now as part of the Benchathon hosted by Katie at Kitkatscanread here on YouTube.

The SNOW-BLIND audiobook is just under four hours and is available for free here on YouTube. It is about a young actress named Sylvie Doone who wanders away from her theatrical troupe while their stage-coach is being repaired – after it got stuck in a snow drift on the road on their way to their next performance. Sylvie meant to come round to the back of the road, but before she knew it, she didn’t know which way the road was. So she ends up lost.

Snow-blind and hungry, Sylvie is later discovered by a man named Hugh Garth who takes her back to his cabin. As she comes to her senses, Sylvie realizes that there are two other people, a young man and a older woman, living with Hugh in the cabin and that the situation she wandered into is not what it seems. So, can we talk in the comments?

Are you planning on participating in this reading challenge? If so, What is your goal? Are you going to complete one line of Bingo or are you going to complete the whole card? Do you have any recommendations for the book task spaces? I’ll see you down the comments. Thanks for watching and happy reading.