Aces BATTLE Kings For $39K Pot! | S5 E31 Poker Night in America

– [Announcer] From Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, Quebec, this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat swing music) (chips tumble down) – What’s up guys? And welcome to Poker Night Presents Party Poker Live at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal. Manig Loeser, fresh off a win at Triton for over two million dollars, joins the table with 20 grand.

Samuel Chartier and John Duthie took a beating last time and may look to dig themselves back into North America. – [Dealer] Double straddle, 200. – [Doug] Cards back in the air. Got a new player. Perfect time for the re-straddle.

– [Dealer] Fold. – Raise 500. – King jack off-suit for Mike. Makes it 500 to go in the cut-off. – Fold. – Yong lets his button go, and I know how much he hates doing that.

Ace king here for Lefrancois. He’s gonna bump it up, the question is, how much? (chips hit table) 1700, healthy size re-raise.

Back to Mike with king jack. – Call. – And Mike makes the call. Now, Mike does not have too much behind here, probably something in the vicinity of 5,000 or so. Jack, three, deuce. All right, Mike, you might run bad sometimes, but not here.

Very awkward spot for ace king. – 1200. – He bets small. – All in. – Mike jams.

– [Dealer] All in. – I call. – Call? – And ace king makes the call. – [Doug] Mike has successfully gotten his money in at 91 percent equity. He’s just lookin’ for a hold.

Dentale secures his double up, into the green on the sesh. Got some playin’ chips now. Yong, who earlier raised Mike’s under the gun limp, now just calls with a six four of diamonds. When you do limp re-raise people under the gun, you make them have to respect your limps a little bit more. – Raise. – But I’ll tell ya a hand that doesn’t need any respect at all: pocket rockets.

And we have pocket kings. The classic poker cooler. Someone is gonna lose a lot of money, it’s probably gonna be the guy with kings. What will Loeser do here with his cowboys? (chips hit table) – [Dealer] Raise. Fold?

– Fold. – Fold. – I know you like that one. – [Lefrancois] Playing 20, right? You bought 20?

– [Loeser] Yeah. – [Doug] When Lefrancois says, “You bought 20, right?” what he really means is, “Please tell me you have 20.” – Call. – Smooth call here with the aces, trying to keep bluffs in Loeser’s range.

If he knew he had kings, he would certainly go for all of it pre-flop. Nine six five with two clubs, reasonably solid flop for both players, but not a board they’re gonna look to slow play on. – Check. – However, Lefrancois disagrees with me, action goes check-check, and the board pairs on the turn.

Loeser has to start to value bet with his kings. It’s simply too unlikely he’s behind. Sure, maybe his opponent could have a hand like seven six suited once in a while, but you can’t be afraid of monsters under the bed. (chips hit table) Unfortunately, though, the monsters are currently under the bed. Aces is the hand he’s up against.

– [Dealer] Call. – [Doug] We have a 15,000 dollar pot. This is a card neither player is super happy about.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see kings check here, although he might look to go all in to get some value from hands like queens or jacks. – Check. – Loeser does check, and now Lefrancois has a clear all-in, try to get the value. Head in his hands, “How could this happen? “I guess I’m gonna have to bluff.”

Except he’s not bluffing, he’s got the aces. And when people look pained like this, you should probably be pretty scared of what they’ve got. – All in. – [Dealer] All in.

Call. – [Lefrancois] Two pairs. – [Doug] Loeser makes the call, sees the pocket rockets, and wonders what could’ve been. I guess sometimes it’s better to play tighter than Loeser. – Just aces on the button after you lose a pot. (Expletive bleeped) great.

– Such a good feeling. – Perfect. (Lefrancois chuckles) – Welcome back to Poker Night Presents at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal, where Manig Loeser was just coolered for nearly 20 grand, and now is first to act after the double straddle. – 600. – [Doug] Ace five for Loeser opens it up. Gonna run into John Duthie’s jacks.

– What’s the bet? – Six. – Call. – Decides to only call. Bit of a conservative play here pre-flop from Duthie.

– Fold. – I saw a deuce of spades, sorry. – All right, deuce of spades is exposed. – [Doug] First straddle gets out of the way. Over to Chartier. – 24.

– [Doug] And he’s bumpin’ it up with the ace king suited. A couple of real powerhouse hands here pre-flop. Now what will Duthie decide to do with his jacks? He might decide to just go with it here if he thinks that Chartier can be weak. But he’s just gonna call and take a flop. (players converse in French) – [Lefrancois] I wasn’t paying attention.

(Chartier speaking French) – [Doug] We get a flop no one wants to see. Ace king whiffs, and jacks has to deal with an overcard. – 2,000.

– Chartier decides to kick this off with a flop bet. But Duthie’s goin’ nowhere. – Call. – [Doug] There are men afraid of overcards, and then there’s John Duthie. The turn pairs the board. And Chartier decided to slow down with his ace king.

– [Smith] Hit and miss. Pretty hard to get into. – [Doug] Duthie bets 2,000 here. – Obviously all the guys playin’ are pretty good too. – Call. – [Doug] Eight on the river.

The flush draw bricks. – Check. – And once again Chartier checks over to John Duthie. – Little value bet. – [Dealer] 2,000.

– That’s a real sucker bet. – [Yong] I think that’s quite a insulting bet. (Chartier chuckles) He seems a nice guy, eh? – Eh?

– He’s a very nice guy. – No, he’s a great guy, he’s a nice guy. Clean t-shirt, very sort of, yeah. 2K in tonight’s game is like slap to the face, innit? – I mean, when it comes to poker players, he’s one of the cleanest cut. – [Chartier] I think I need a haircut, though.

– [Yong] So why’d you wanna insult the guy? – [Duthie] I’m not insulting him, I’m just betting my hand. – [Yong] Make it 10K, or it’s an insult. – Call.

– King queen. – [Doug] The thin value bet gets paid off, winning almost 20,000 dollar pot. – That was a value bet.

– I like it. – [Duthie] Thank you. – A little value never hurt anyone. – [Yong] That’s dirty.

– No, it’s, uh- – You’re an honest man. – Yeah. – Just a little value bet. – Just a little- – It was a little value bet. – It was.

– It was honest, yeah. – [Doug] Poker Night is brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal. All right guys, it’s about that time. The blinds are up, it’s 50, 100. And no, we’re not playing a tournament, but these guys are looking to gamble. – [Dealer] Raise, 300.

Raise, 900. – [Doug] Yong is just straight up picking on Dentale. – 28. – [Doug] Chartier now makes it 2800 to go, with a pretty weak pre-flop hand. Although, when you consider what he’s up against, he’s sittin’ pretty.

Mike Dentale with king queen facing a three-bet and a four-bet, can’t really do much except let his hand go. Mike gets out of the way. – Like, even on Wednesdays and stuff like that. Ended up being burned out at the end of the month. – Thought you were reaching for the blue chips, Rob.

– [Doug] And Yong makes the call with the seven six off-suit. The graphic on the screen is correct. He has a seven and a six, and they are not suited. So I assume he’s looking for sevens and sixes at this point. And that qualifies as a six.

– Are you going back to Vancouver after … – Yeah, I’m going back to Vancouver, so … – Check. – Check. Bet 3,000.

– [Doug] Yong bets 3,000 on the flop. – [Smith] Well, I’m gonna be here for a lot of it, so. I don’t have, like, that good of a set-up, it’s just my laptop, so I’ll probably just jump in. – [Doug] Chartier goes for the check call.

– [Smith] Yeah, just in general, it’s gonna be hard to balance it while I’m on the road, you know, so … – Check. – I don’t know, I’m gonna play a decent size series, but nothing crazy. – [Doug] Nothing like a little casual table-side conversation in the middle of our hand.

– [Smith] Last year I played a lot. – [Doug] Guys, we’re tryin’ to play some poker over here. – I got, like, fourth in the big one on Party.

– Okay, nice. – Which, like, it probably made me break even for the month, but at one point I was down like 125 in a month or something like that. If you play, like, the 10K reentries- – [Doug] Chartier makes the call. I can’t help but feel like this is getting a bit adventurous from both players. I think Chartier could’ve let it go here on the turn. The river is a jack.

– [Dealer] Check. – [Doug] I don’t think Yong can go for value here. I would be very impressed if he did manage to bet and get called, but at some point you have to wonder, “Does my opponent have an overpair and have me beat? – Check. – Ace high. – [Dealer] Two pair.

Sixes and deuces. – [Doug] I bet he feels robbed. – Nice hand, Rob. Two pairs as well. Pas.

– Sorry, guys. – [Doug] Yong straddling up to 200 dollars. You know, you have to say, having Yong in the game, good for action, good for TV. I’m glad he’s in there gambling it up. Can’t always get behind some of those decisions, but good for the game. – I played against Manig before, but I think a long time ago.

– Yeah. – Long time ago, yeah? – Probably Nottingham or somewhere. Uh, 600. – I think I played you before. I’m sure, I know we played before.

– [Doug] Loeser raises with five deuce suited. – For sure. – Where do you live, Manig? – What’s that?

– Where do you live? – [Loeser] I live in the UK now, in Brighton. Moved from Ireland to Brighton, yeah.

– [Doug] Mike comin’ along with the ten seven off, in the big blind. – Call. – Yong has got seven six off-suit once again, takin’ a flop.

– [Loeser] I was in Monte Carlo yesterday, and then- – [Doug] No one has a card over a ten. – [Duthie] Did you get here in time to buy into the high roller? – [Loeser] No, I was one day late, yeah. – [Doug] Queen jack four, bricks for both Dentale and Yong, but Loeser does have a flush draw. And Yong decides to lead out on the flop.

What he’s hoping for, I don’t know. Actually, I do know, two folds, but he doesn’t get it. And here comes the turn. Loeser improves to a pair to go along with his flush draw, and Yong picks up an open-ender. – You choose, you choose. What do you want to bet?

I have to bet. – Anything between three and five is fine. – [Dentale] Hey Anthony, what’s up, buddy? – [Doug] 5,000 dollars into a pot of around 4,000. – One more card, all right.

– [Doug] With the pair and flush draw, Loeser’s not going anywhere. Deuce on the river gives Loeser a very, very disguised backdoor two pair. – You got to ask me what you bet, though, right? – How much do you want me to bet? – Um …

Between 1500 and 7500. – [Dealer] Bet 20,000. – Uh, this could be bad. I hit that river, though. – A deuce? – Call.

– You win. – [Smith] That was sick. – [Yong] You had a nice hand on the flop, then. – [Doug] Just your standard cooler, guys.

Pretty much aces versus kings. – [Yong] You had a nice hand on the flop. – Top two feeling in poker, backdooring two pairs.

– Manig Loeser makes running two pair to double through Rob Yong, who was definitely feeling unlucky to not win that hand with a river bluff. – [Doug] Poker Night is brought to you by Sit & Go 2.0. Go to, and claim a free Sit & Go 2.0 strategy ebook. – 300.

– Duthie opens it up with a jack five of diamonds, way too loose with this many players left behind. – Call blind. – Call. – But not to be outdone, Yong goes for the completely blind call. – [Yong] I think I’m a favorite blind against you, so why not play? – Against me too.

– [Yong] Honestly, probably, yeah. – Raise. – Normally I say, “These guys are playing some poker,” but today I think I’m gonna say, “These guys are just gambling.” And somehow he has pocket eights. How is that possible?

– [Yong] Do you think you’re gonna win this hand? – [Chartier] Well, I hope so. So far, not so good. – [Yong] You looked kind of confident a minute ago. I mean, like, what’s wrong, mate?

– Yeah, after I won the first pot of the night, my first pot of the night. Okay, let’s see a flop. – [Dealer] Call.

Check or bet? Out of turn. – [Yong] Uh-huh, but he’s gonna check. – [Chartier] I check. – [Dealer] Check. The bet’s 4,000.

– [Yong] You’re losin’. – [Dealer] Call. – [Doug] Chartier going nowhere. Ten of clubs comes on the turn. Chartier picks up the nut flush draw. – [Dealer] Check.

– [Doug] 7,000 dollar bet here from Yong. Got another pocket pair versus Chartier’s ace-high situation developing. – Definite non-believer in the house.

– [Dealer] Call. – [Doug] Selfishly, I was rooting for the eight of clubs on the river, but that’s all right, I’ll take the king. – [Dealer] Check. – [Doug] Chartier still with ace high. Yong has the pocket eights. – [Yong] I don’t think I’m winning now.

– It’s good. – Two pairs. – [Doug] Another large pot to Yong and Chartier, goes to Yong.

Chartier, man, he’s always got a pair, let it go. You don’t have to go the distance with these ace highs. Raise, 300.

– [Doug] Pocket rockets for Loeser. Opens it up, raise it to 300 dollars. And Duthie looks down at king queen suited. – Call.

– In position, not a bad play. Dentale with a king deuce here flats in the small blind. – Raise. – And Chartier, who has been constantly re-raising, is at it again with this nine eight suited. Now, if it was heads up, Loeser might call and set the trap, but it’s not heads up, it’s four-way, so he’s got to make it a price that if people wanna draw, they’re gonna have to pay. It’s gettin’ to about that time of the night where Mike’s gonna complain.

– I had a 48 dollar hand, I turned it into a 300 dollar hand, and I get punished. Maybe it’s like 49 dollars. – Fold. – [Doug] Now Chartier has a legitimate decision here with the nine eight suited.

Does he call, or does he fold? – [Dealer] Call. – [Doug] He’s gonna call, because they are pretty deep. And in case Loeser needed some help, he got it, but he didn’t need help.

And now his opponent, with the exception of a backdoor flush, or a backdoor straight, is drawing virtually dead. Loeser has a tough spot here. He could bet or he could check. If he bets, he’s gonna get no action at all. But he is gonna bet 3,000, which should shut things down, but it’s starting to scare me that Chartier has not yet folded.

I mean, what’s he thinking about? You got nine high. Let’s just let it go. Live to fight another day. – [Dealer] Call.

– [Doug] Well, he’s takin’ a turn. And the four of clubs peels off. The backdoor flush is now in play. 13 percent chance to hit. – [Dealer] Check. – [Doug] Now, what Loeser has to decide here is, what’s more important to him?

Protecting the board from coming off a deuce or a six, or is it more important to bet and try and get some value for some hands his opponent can have? – [Dealer] Check. – [Doug] He decides to check. And the river comes the queen of hearts.

Now Chartier has reached the concluding chapter of his book. It’s a short story, and there weren’t many good chapters, but we still have one left to write. What will he do here with his nine high? Will he surrender, or will he give it everything he’s got and come up empty-handed? – 11,500.

– I don’t like that look in the end, but (laughs) I don’t think I’m gonna fold. – Call. – Board. (upbeat jazzy music) – [Doug] Chartier has been goin’ hard in the paint, and it has not been paying off against most of his opponents. Samuel Chartier continues to inflict maximum pain upon himself. It might be time to Costanza this thing and just go with the opposite of your gut.

Back to wrap things up here on Poker Night after this. – [Doug] We did start with blinds at 25, 50, and bounced around a little bit at that level. Samuel Chartier is in the hole almost 1400 big blinds, which has to be some kind of record. If you want more Poker Night, you can find us on social media, including Twitch and YouTube, where you can find full-length episodes, live streams, and exclusive content.

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For everyone here at Poker Night, I’m Doug Polk. – You’re an honest man. – Yeah. – Just a little value bet.

– Just a little- – It was a little value bet. – [Announcer] Brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal and Sit & Go 2.0.