Casino Review – Jack Casino, Cleveland OH.

So I’m here in Cleveland Ohio and I gotta visit the Jack casino. Previously the Horseshoe casino, so I’m looking forward to checking it out. It’s pretty cold out here so I’m going to go inside. Check out the craps tables, and see if we can find any luck inside. Intro I grew up outside of Cleveland so I love the area, I came to a lot of Indians games, so I think it would be cool to walk over to the

casinos with boku after a game. This trip I drove in.

The Cavilers were playing a home game so all the parking was marked up for the event, $30-40 if you wanted to be real close. I found some $10 parking a little walk away. The casino is located in the Tower City Center right in downtown. I like the downtown location of the casinos with boku, it just has a different vibe than say Las Vegas.

It has the energy and all the people of a vibrant downtown. It’s just, and then there’s the casino just tucked in there. I thought it was pretty cool.

Ok, so I know you aren’t here for a review of Cleveland, so I’ll tell you what I remember about the Jack. Let me warn you the footage from inside is not good, I was a little nervous trying to capture it. ButI’ll get better at it as I do more of these reviews Inside the door my backpack was checked by security, she was friendly. Entering I was pleasantly surprised, it was attractive, clean, its also non smoking. Its not super big, but not cramped by any means.

It covers 3 floors of the building. They were playing a mix of easy listening and light rock music, not too loud, I would say pleasant level. They had what looked like a pretty nice poker room up on the 3rd floor.

The second floor had some food options, slots, and this is where most of the table games were. They had 2 different electronic craps machines. One was a dedicated bubble machine, and the other was this multi game machine were you could play blackjack roulette or craps, but everything just displayed up on monitors, so it was all digital. They were both $10 minimum “total” bet, I wasn’t sure if this meant you could make multiple bets that just totaled $10 or what. I just moved along. There was a sports bar, and they were showing the cavs game on all the tv’s.

The Cavs were just starting their game across the street. They also had a little area with live music at another bar. I sat and listened for a bit. Down on the street level is where the craps pit was. There were six tables total. One table was closed down, and the other five were pretty full actually.

One table was running crapless craps. All the tables were either 10 or 15 dollar minimums, this was a Friday night just for reference, so I’m not sure if they are cheaper during the week or what. So it wasn’t the most successful session. I played for little over an hour, ended up being down about $50.

It was a pretty chill group. Actually all the tables, I went to a couple different tables. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere, pretty casual.

The dealers were alright, they were friendly enough. They ran the fire bet as their little bonus. I didn’t participate, I kept it pretty simple, played high odds, but um, despite the loss I had a good time so thumbs up for the Jack.