Mysterious Video Games

Pony Island Daniel Mullins strange indie puzzler. Step cautiously into this eerie, metaficitonal game that is very aware of its existence as a game. While that usually leads to some funny, breaking the fourth wall-type interactions, this game takes the road less traveled–dealing a few bursts of psychological horror with a side of ardent curiosity.Jump over some hurdles, get to the finish line, earn huge amounts of experience, and find yourself in a spiral of confusion… and despair. It has a PlayScore of 8.94 8. INSIDE PlayDead shows their mastery of minimalist Dystopia in this artful puzzle platformer. Showing just a tad bit more color than their LIMBO title, INSIDE lets you dive into yet another dark tale. It’s a thrilling, atmospheric experience that’s rife with smart puzzles, tense moments, and emotional narratives. Surpassing their own standards of excellence, it has a PlayScore of 8.95 7. Hollow Knight One of the pioneering titles of the gallant US Casinos Guide comeback, Hollow Knight is another indie game that surpassed expectations. A journey headed by their skullcapped adventurer, lift the curse of a ruined land as you enter its kingdom of insects. Despite its gloomy environments, it’s still a colorfully challenging adventure wrapped in exquisitely designed levels and responsive controls.

It has a PlayScore of 8.98 6. Cuphead StudioMDHR’s maiden title is an extraordinary work of art. Turning heads since before its release, Cuphead took inspiration from the strange cartoons of the 1930s and turned them into posterboys for platforming punishment. Get to know their magically whimsical world as you go through each of bossfights and run-and-gun stages. A masterpiece bore from pure passion, it has a PlayScore of 9.04 5. What Remains of Edith Finch Not a horror game but Giant Sparrow’s narrative adventure has no shortage of goosebump inducing moments. Tasked to investigate the mysteriously cursed lineage of the Finches, the journey takes you to their haunted manor off the coast of Washington State. Play as the youngest of the ill-fated ancestry, and uncover their traumatizing histories. Praised for gameplay, story, and presentation, it receives a PlayScore of 9.05 4. Day of the Tentacle Remastered You might call this a cop-out since this is a remastered version of 90s classic, but there’s definitely something to be said about the timelessness of LucasArts’ time-bending misadventures. Experience the world through the eyes of their oddball characters, and maneuver through the uproarious events with their point and click system.

A cult classic, it receives a PlayScore of 9.1 3. Celeste After letting you enjoy the sweet spoils of multiplayer victory in TowerFall Ascension, Matt Thorson’s latest adventure platformer definitely has no qualms with taking you down a notch. Hiding a punishing platformer beneath its pixel visuals, take on Madeline’s journey up Celeste Mountain, riddled with brutals traps and unexpected difficulty spikes. With a charming story to boot, it receives a PlayScore of 9.13 2. Stardew Valley Harvest Moon was a staple in our childhood consoles, and thanks to Sickhead Games, we finally get that dose of quaint country living on the PC. An award winning indie title, Stardew Valley doesn’t just nail it with the nostalgic pixel visuals, it also encapsulates everything we loved about the classics while putting their own modern spin. Take care of your farm, find the love of your life, and meet the neighbors. A compelling farmlife simulation, it has a PlayScore of 9.18 1. And the best PC Game is Divinity: Original Sin II Breathing new life to the tabletop RPG adventures, Larian Studios brings the emergent gameplay of D&D campaigns to digital reality. Building up on a foundation of interactive environments and various customizations, Divinity’s isometric open world weaves an endlessly immersive tale of magic and wonder. Made even better with the addition of more coop features and a Game Master Mode, it’s easily one of videogames’ recent masterpieces and it has a PlayScore of 9.33