Online Blackjack Tips

The Online Blackjack section is meant as a continuation of the Online Gambling section so even if you only like to play blackjack, I suggest that you take a quick look at Casino – How To section. If you are new to the game then the BJ Basics section will give you all the fundamentals. Did you know that Blackjack is one of the casino games with the best odds? The only catch is that you must play correctly in order to win!

Here are a couple of things you should know:

1. Use the correct basic strategy
I have made this section pretty easy for you. Just look up the strategy for the software you are playing. The strategy for all the major software are in my Basic Strategy section. Feel free to print it out and place it beside you when you play blackjack online. If you don’t know what software the casino uses then you can find the software maker in the Alphabetical Casino list. If you play proprietary software then use the strategy with the closest rules. The Basic Strategy page also includes a copy of generic single deck and multi deck strategy.

2. Play Games with Good Odds
Odds or house edge differ depending on the rules offered by the casino or even the rules of the individual blackjack game within an internet casino. When choosing a game it is important that you know the house advantage. The odds for the major software makers are displayed at Online BJ Odds. The specific casino reviews will also specify which game to play within a specific casino.

3. Find Good Online Bonuses

Casinos know that their blackjack games can be beat when they give big bonuses to internet players. That is why many casinos do not let you play blackjack to fulfill your bonus wagering requirements. The problem is that many casinos don’t tell you the rules up front. You often have to wade through a couple of levels of legal sized small print to find out if you can play BJ for the online casino welcome bonus nz. Once again, I have made your life easy. I have compiled specific list of the Best Blackjack Bonuses. Since it is better to compare apple to apples, I have created a separate specific list of BJ Sticky Bonuses.

4. Practice Playing Blackjack Online
If this is the first time you play blackjack and you need some extra confidence then you have a couple of options. Many internet casinos offer you the use of their games for free. You can choose the “Play for Fun” option when you start the software. The other option is to try one of the free (no-deposit) bonuses where you can play and win with the casino’s money.